WaNivers Case Sharing

Come from Science, Verify Science – WaNivers Case Sharing


1. Mr. Weng, 32 years old, has been suffering from lung adenocarcinoma for many years. The skin of his lower extremities has ulceration. After drinking 2,000 cc of WaNivers water every day for about 3 to 4 weeks, the ulceration began to show signs of scabbing, and he also has enough energy to resume his work as a taxi driver.

2. Mrs. Meng, 50 years old, has a uterine fibroid enlargement. The doctor asked her to go to hospital for inspection a month later. If the uterine fibroid continues to enlarge, she’ll have to have an operation. She then started drinking water by using WaNivers cup and went to hospital one month later. The doctor announced that there is no need for a surgery because the uterine fibroids had shrunk by half.

3. Mrs. Huang, 48 years old, found that the odor of her stool and urine decreased a lot after drinking WaNivers water.

4. Mr. Wang, 52 years old, installed WaNivers in the water tower at home and started using it. After a period, he found that the toilet odor was reduced. In the past, the toilet had to be cleaned once every three weeks, while it was now cleaned once every 4 weeks or longer.

5. After drinking WaNivers water for a long time, Mr. Tang, 55 years old, suddenly found that the senile plaques on his hands were reduced, and some senile plaques had disappeared.

6. Mr. Wei, 47, installed WaNivers at home. After that, he found that the dog in the house only drank WaNivers water. Originally the dog’s abdomen had many blackspots. After half a year, about 80-90% of the dog’s belly blackspots faded or even disappeared. The body odor of the dog itself was also reduced by more than half.

7. Ms. Chen, 49, drank with WaNivers Pottery Cup for the first time and felt dizzy. She recovered to normal situation in about 20 seconds (dizziness reaction or recovery response).

8. The 42-year-old Mr. Wu used WaNivers Pottery Cup to drink sorghum liquor and found that the sorghum liquor with an alcohol concentration of 58 degrees tasted better, smoother, and less so hot. (alcoholization phenomenon)

9. Miss Xie, 31 years old, installed WaNivers at home. After drinking for some time, she felt that her body became more relaxed, her spirit became better, her appetite became better than before, and her skin complexion became rosy. (detoxification)

10. Mr. Xie, 46 years old, drinks 2,000 cc of WaNivers water every day. A month later, his friend told him that his face was dark black before and seemed to have serious illness. But now his face turns red and looks healthy. (detoxification)

11. Mr. Xie, 33 years old, rinses the ditch in front of his house with WaNivers water. A few days later, he found that the ditch became less odorous and the mosquitoes were reduced a lot.

12. Mrs. You, 35 years old, installed WaNivers at home. Her daughter, a fifth-grade student, only liked drinking soft drinks instead of water since her childhood. Mrs. You gave her daughter a glass of WaNivers water. She took a sip and said “good to drink”. After drinking the first glass, she shouted “I still want” and continuously drank four cups.

13. Miss Luo, 51, drinks cola with WaNivers Pottery Cup and finds that the cola becomes tasty. She even couldn’t swallow the original cola. She then used the bottled water from market to replace cola, and found that the water became softer and smoother.

14. Mr. Liao, 57 years old, raises guppies in WaNivers water, and has not changed the water for 2 years. After the water was reduced, he simply added WaNivers water. The fish tank is still clean without any moss. Guppy also produced small fish more than before.

15. Mr. Chen, 40, drank mineral water with WaNivers Pottery Cup in his company, and found that the mineral water became so tasty that he couldn’t drink enough. (It’s because the small molecules water was absorbed by cells soon and would not accumulate in the stomach.)

16. After Mr. Zhang, 45 years old, had drunk large amount of WaNivers water for 2 days, he got rashes all over his body. They disappeared after 3 to 4 days automatically, which is a phenomenon of detoxification. After drinking for 3 months, his facial complexion became ruddy.

17. The Taipei Neihu Animal Shelter houses many stray cats and stray dogs. They provided WaNivers water for these animals to drink, and after a few days they found that the odor of the animal shelter was reduced, and the water in the water container of the cat and dog cages was often totally drunk.

18. Mrs. Chen, 36, found that the rice cooked with WaNivers water was much more delicious than the rice cooked with tap water.

19. After Mr. Ke, who is 74 years old, had drunk WaNivers water for 2 days, in a physical exam in hospital, his urine was found to include DDT pesticide, which was forbidden 40 years ago. WaNivers active water of small molecule clusters metabolized DDT stored in the cells out of body.

20. A Chinese medicine factory produces Chinese medicine drinks to lower 3H, yet it’s not very effective. A friend suggested that the last procedure of Chinese medicine drinks should be bottled and sold after passing through WaNivers. By doing this, myself, my family, friends and patients drank it for 2 to 3 days. Their average blood pressure drops from 180 mm Hg to 120 mm Hg. The average hypotension drops from 100 mm Hg to 80 mm Hg. It also found that the bitter taste of traditional Chinese medicine, which was unpleasant to drink, also became better, not so bitter.

21. After Mr. Chen, 64 years old, had drunk WaNivers water for half a year, he found that his blood color turned from dark red to bright red, and his urine color turned from reddish yellow to light yellow.

22. Miss Lin, 36 years old, has severe heel cracks. After drinking WaNivers water for some time, though the cracking situation has not completely disappeared, but it has become better.

23. Miss Chen, 37 years old, put her biscuits into WaNivers Pottery Cup and found that the dryness of biscuits decreased. In addition, as the age grows, her skin gradually loses its ability to absorb the skin care products. Later, after washing the face, she first sprayed WaNivers water on her face (the face is not dry), then applied skin care products (to make the water resonate with the skin care product). About half a year later, the skin dryness condition was obviously modified, and the skin care products that could not be absorbed can be absorbed again.

24. Ms. Ma, 37, put the biscuits that nearly expired into WaNivers Pottery Cup and found that they became more delicious.
25. After Mrs. Wang bought some vegetable from market, she soaked the vegetables in WaNivers water for 1 hour and then took them out. She found that the water became muddy and grey. The boiled vegetable can also be preserved for a longer period before deteriorating than the vegetables boiled by tap water.

26. Mrs. Zhao, 40 years old, changed the water for her ikebana to WaNivers water. She then found that the blooming period became longer and the water in the vase was not easy to stink.

27. A seafood processing merchant changed to use WaNivers water to clean the fish, and found that the fish scales became brighter and the fish can be stored for a longer period of time.

28. Ms. Lin, 30 years old, found that after WaNivers water being boiled, it tastes better and smoother than boiled tap water.

29. Mr. Chen, 34, put cigarettes and betel nuts in WaNivers Pottery Cup for 3 to 5 minutes. He then found that the taste of the cigarettes was lighter and the betel nut tasted not as strong as before and became delicious.

30. Five executive ladies from a Taiwan electronics company put salty food (such as salty chicken nuggets, biscuits, etc.) into WaNivers Pottery Cup for a few minutes, and then found that the food became slightly sweet, not so salty, and the food became tasty. They thought it was amazing.

31. Mr. Tian, 34 years old, found a water bottle filled with about 600cc of WaNivers water at a corner of the room when doing cleaning before Chinese New Year. This bottle was left a year ago. He took it and checked it. He found that it didn’t smell, neither did it grow moss. He took a sip and felt that the water is still sweet and delicious.

32. When Mr. Xing, 37 years old, first started drinking WaNivers water, the frequency of his urination increased. In the first 1 to 2 days, there was frequent urination, which then returned to normal. (detoxification)

33. Ms. Shi, 48 years old, drank WaNivers water for more than a month and found that her weight reduced from 54 kg to 53 kg. She felt becoming thin.

34. Mr. Liang, 32 years old, has been drinking WaNivers water for a while, and his friends found that his sporty stink was reduced.

35. Mr. Xiao, 45 years old, has frequent stomach acidity. After he drank WaNivers water for a long time, the frequency of the occurrence of stomach acidity is reduced. Occasionally, when his stomach feels uncomfortable, he would hiccup after drinking WaNivers water, and then his gasteremphraxis would be eased.

36. Mr. Li, 29 years old, put the glass filled with WaNivers water next to the glass filled with tap water. After about 2 hours, he drank the tap water and found that the tap water became delicious too.

37. Mr. Liu, 50 years old, working in the coffee industry, found that the coffee brewed with WaNivers water became more fragrant.

38. Mr. Kang, 48 years old, tried a variety of sugary drinks and poured them into the WaNivers Pottery Cup. After a few minutes, he felt that the sweetness of the sugared drinks was lighter and the drinks became more delicious and smooth.

39. Somebody selling fruits said that the fruit soaked in WaNivers water can keep its freshness longer.

41. Mr. Huang, 45 years old, once had dull skin. When he first started drinking WaNivers water, he had increased urine, diarrhea, and small red rashes on his skin. After about 1-2 days, the skin becomes brighter, because the body’s toxins are metabolized and the body is relaxed.

41. 46-year-old Miss Aman, weighing about 80 kg, has pseudo-obesity with leg edema. After drinking WaNivers water, her body’s edema was metabolized. She lost nearly 20 kilograms after a month. Her body became light and more energetic.

42. Mr. Xiao, 45 years old, has a dull face. After he drank small molecules WaNivers water, the skin complexion became better, the lipoma became smaller, and the corns on his feet disappeared. The odor of the puppy in his home is reduced, and the coat color is much brighter.

43. Ms. Liu, 55, has performed 3-4 MRI examinations this year. She happened to tell me that her head often felt faint. So I put WaNivers on her back spine. After about 3-5 minutes, Ms. Liu said: What is this? I feel so comfortable and have clear head and brighter eyes. It’s awesome.

44. Taichung Mrs. Lin is more than 60 years old. Her menstruation has ceased for many years. When she went to work during the day, she put WaNivers near her abdomen. When we met again in three weeks, her face looked ruddy. She was embarrassed to say that she has menstruation.

45. Mr. Lian has been drinking WaNivers water for more than a year. His urine test report showed that his urine is still of small molecules, and even smaller than the small molecules of water that was drunk. The NMR was 48.09 hz.


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