Magic WaNivers — Benefit all things on Earth

Magic WaNivers — Benefit all things on Earth

Water is the origin of everything on Earth. WaNivers water processor can restore the original ecology of water, rejuvenate the water to a higher quality, lower the degree of air pollution, optimize and granulate soil, hence benefit all things on earth.

Magic WaNivers — Benefit all things on Earth

WaNiverse can change the macromolecular corrupt water it contacts into pure small molecules active water without changing back for a long time. WaNiverse water experiment has witnessed 747 days without changing back.

For human being, water from WaNiverse can provide the nuclei and DNA with pure original living water of small molecules, thus can nourish, purify and even activate the function and vitality of human body from inside the cells.

For plants, water from WaNiverse can restore the acid soil to healthy neutral granulated soil and can also break up the heavy metals as well as other toxic materials in the soil, preventing them from staying on fruits and vegetables. The test result is that no heavy metal or toxic material is found in fruits or vegetables. Water from WaNiverse can also effectively break down the bacteria in soil into nutrients, which are absorbed by plants and help them grow.

WaNivers can be used in many areas including home life, crop cultivation, aquaculture, animal husbandry, optimizing soil, purifying the environment, etc.

Soil pH laboratory experiment

In laboratory, after the soil was irrigated by WaNivers water, its pH value was changed.

Soil pH field experiment

In field, after rice was irrigated with WaNivers water, the acid soil was also changed.

Experimental method: The same rice planting area was separated into experimental area and control area by soil. The experimental area was irrigated with WaNivers water and the control area was irrigated with general water.




1. Laboratory experiments are static experiments and the variables are controllable. Therefore, the pH value is a better value (PH 5.4 → 6.9).

2. Field experiments are dynamic experiments with many variables (such as weakly acidic rainwater, acidic chemical fertilizers, and acidic irrigation water). Therefore, the pH value appears to rise less (PH 4.5 → 5.0). However, it can still reflect the role of WaNivers water in improving acidic soils. If irrigated with WaNivers water for a long time, the improving effect of acid soil will be better.

3. Rice growth: Rice that had been irrigated by WaNivers water grew better.


The safety of WaNivers has far exceeded the safety standard value.

1. We sent the WaNivers light particles to the Atomic Science and Technology Development Center of National Tsinghua University for radionuclide analysis. After a few days, we received a call from Center Director Zhao (PhD). He asked: “How do you make light particles? The data I tested were data that I had never seen. I tested all the products with energy that were sent to us. All of them were above the standard by more than 10 times. Only your products are lower than 1/10 of the standard value.

2. Tested by National Taiwan Craft Research Institute, the effect of the far-infrared ray of the light particles in WaNivers water is 0.882, and the far-infrared emission rate is very high. The ionizing radiation value is only about 0.2 microsieverts. It is free of ionizing radiation. Even the WaNivers cup we brought there was tested, and the ionizing radiation was about 0.2 microsieverts per hour. Center Director Shen said that the WaNivers product is very safe and equal to no radiation. Then he took out a cup a customer gave him and tested it on the spot. The result was 0.98 microsieverts per hour. He said that cup was more radiant and you’d better not drink water with it. When we went there to get the report after two days, we found that Shen was drinking with WaNivers cup we sent him.

Good WaNivers water can enhance the effect of Chinese medicine and make it taste good.

A Chinese medicine factory produces Chinese medicine drinks to lower 3H, yet it’s not very effective. A friend suggested that the last procedure of Chinese medicine drinks should be bottled and sold after passing through WaNivers. By doing this, myself, my family, friends and patients drank it for 2 to 3 days. Their average blood pressure drops from 180 mm Hg to 120 mm Hg. The average hypotension drops from 100 mm Hg to 80 mm Hg. It also found that the bitter taste of traditional Chinese medicine, which was unpleasant to drink, also became better, not so bitter.

The small molecules of water helped the DDT stored in the cells to be metabolized out of the body.

After 74-year old Mr. Ke drank water from WaNiverse for 2 days, in a physical examination in hospital, his urine was found to contain DDT pesticide that was forbidden to use 40 years ago.

No need to replace filter for 10 years. Unlimited water for use every day!

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