WaNivers – Restore the original ecology of water

WaNivers – Restore the original ecology of water

Enable you to drink glacier water sealed for a long time at home — pure active water of original ecology


The world is originated from water, which is the basic element of everything. It is also said that good water is the king of medicine and the source of longevity. 80% of human diseases are related to water! More than 70% of human body and brain is made up of water. It is believed that to maintain health, it is better to eat balanced food than to use medicine, while it is even better to drink good quality water.

Enables nuclei and DNA to drink original ecological water

Glacier water formed in ancient times is pure active small molecules water of original ecology. According to study of a German scientist, who is also a Nobel Prize winner, only small molecules of water can run through the 2 nm water channel in human cells, and enter the nucleus and DNA, activate enzyme, and stimulate vitality.

Water drunk by modern people are mostly macromolecules water

At present, with the pollution of the environment and the deterioration of water quality, people’s daily drinking water almost becomes a stagnant macromolecules water with low activity. It not only cannot pass the 2 nm water channel in cell, but also cannot enter the nucleus and DNA. Its purification function is also greatly reduced. Many nutrients cannot be dissolved in the macromolecular water, which cannot be absorbed or effectively absorbed. In short, the macromolecular water is almost dead water in terms of its efficacy compared with the small molecules activated water.

WaNivers—Restore the original ecology of water magically

1. First of all, relying on the role of the geomagnetic field, through the 19-round spiral rotation and diversion design of WaNivers, the water flow of the macromolecules is changed from agglomerate to linear arrangement.

2. When the linear water flow passes the most important component of WaNivers– light particles, it instantly splits into single water molecule or small molecules of water. If there’s other chemical substance in the water, it’ll also be refined simultaneously and form single molecule.

3. As the light particles of WaNivers can release wave energy (the energy of life), the water molecules’ double hydrogen ion bond angle is altered from 104.45 ° to 89.79 °. Therefore, they can isolate themselves from the intermolecular joint and release kinetic energy.

4. Light particles themselves are rich in a variety of minerals and various trace elements. Human body, animals, and plants can be directly benefited from them. They can effectively promote the growth of animals and plants. When the macromolecular water passes through WaNivers, it splits into a small molecule cluster and a single water molecule. The air in the water naturally attaches to the water molecules, and therefore the phenomenon of dissolving more oxygen appears.

5. WaNivers constantly sends out growth wave, and produces resonance effects to spread the growth wave:
The 8-12μm microwave sent out by WaNivers is almost completely in accord with the growth wave needed by everything on Earth. It enables the water flowing nearby to resonate to reach the same growth vibration frequency of . Even if the active water leaves WaNivers, it can still maintain the optimum frequency of , and will not restore. It can also pass on the growth wave sent out by WaNivers, and cause the surrounding macromolecules water to change into pure small molecules of fresh water due to resonance effect. WaNiverse water experiment has witnessed 747 days without changing back. Because the water flowing through WaNivers has optimum growth frequency, it can activate human body’s vitality, make cells energetic and sporty, and enable the human body reach the optimum acid-base balance status. For plants, it can effectively dissolve the bacteria in soil into nutrients for plants to absorb. The plants can grow faster and yield more. It can break down the bacterial chain in water, air and soil, purify water, reduce air pollution and optimize and granulate soil.

A Chinese medicine factory produces Chinese medicine drinks to lower 3H, yet it’s not very effective. A friend suggested that the last procedure of Chinese medicine drinks should be bottled and sold after passing through WaNivers. By doing this, myself, my family, friends and patients drank it for 2 to 3 days. Their average blood pressure drops from 180 mm Hg to 120 mm Hg. The average hypotension drops from 100 mm Hg to 80 mm Hg. It also found that the bitter taste of traditional Chinese medicine, which was unpleasant to drink, also became better, not so bitter.

46-year-old Miss Aman, weighing about 80 kg, has pseudo-obesity with leg edema. After drinking WaNivers water, her body’s edema was metabolized. She lost nearly 20 kilograms after a month. Her body became light and more energetic.

WaNivers can dissolve the toxic chemical substances, making them impossible to remain in human body, vegetables and fruits:

In case WaNivers water is used to irrigate vegetables and fruits, while providing high-quality pure small molecules active water of original ecology, it also dissolves heavy metals and other toxic substances in the soil, making them unable to remain in and exert effects on vegetables and fruits. It can also restore the acid soil back to near neutral healthy soil. The test result is: zero heavy metal and zero poison is detected in fruits and vegetables.

After 74-year-old Mr. Ke had drunk WaNivers water for 2 days, in a physical exam in hospital, his urine was found to include DDT pesticide, which was forbidden 40 years ago. (WaNivers active water of small molecule clusters metabolized DDT stored in the cells out of body.)

47-year-old Mr. Wei found that his dog only drinks WaNivers water. Originally, the dog’s abdomen had many dark spots. After half a year, 80-90% of the dark spots became lighter or disappeared. The body odor of the dog was also reduced by more than half.



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