WaNivers benefits all things

WaNivers benefits all things on earth, and enables you to drink genuine good water 

Negative potential,   Alkalescency,    Small molecules,    Active water

More than 70% of the human body is water. According to the World Health Organization, 80% of human diseases (including cancer) are related to water! Modern people have increasingly paid attention to the impact of water quality on human health. With today’s increasingly corrupt water quality, it is vital and urgent that we and our families can drink genuinely healthy good water.

WaNivers—completely solve the water quality problem by physical methods

By using physical methods based on the theory of electromagnetism and quantum mechanics, “WaNivers water processor” purifies ordinary macromolecular corrupt water into small molecules active water without destroying the original trace elements and minerals in the water. WaNivers water has almost all the characteristics of water produced by current water purifier: negative potential, weak alkaline, small molecular group and active water. Inspection discovers the water quality of WaNivers water is almost the same as that of the original ecological glacial water formed in the distant years.

WaNivers—makes good water steadier and long-acting

At present, there are many ways to turn water into good water. The water purifiers produced on the market are also numerous. But it is very difficult for the purified water to constantly maintain its state of good water.
According to the theory of quantum physics Plank, when the vibration frequency of water molecule is around , the water molecule will not return to the original condition. The light particles inside WaNiversc send out microwave with a frequency of . Water passing WaNivers can not only instantly split into good water of small molecules, but also can obtain vibration frequency of . This means that water processed by WaNivers can be steady and long-acting.
The current test has proved that WaNivers water will not return to its original status after 747 days.
Due to the long-lasting steadiness of WaNivers water, after being drunk, even the water excreted out of body after metabolism can still maintain the status of small molecules active water. So customers don’t need to worry that water leaving WaNivers water processor will return to its original bad water quality after a short time.

WaNivers– enables nuclei and DNA to drink active water of small molecule clusters

The water we drink daily is dead water of macromolecules and cannot run through cell water channel of 2nm. When a baby is born, water in its body cells is 100% good active water. Therefore, the baby’s skin is tender and full of vigor. As one grows older, human body begins to lose good active water in its cells and DNA. While at the age of 58 structured good water is only 23%.
According to Sakmann’s study, only small molecules of water can run through the 2 nm water channel in human cells and DNA, and enter the nucleus, activate enzyme, and stimulate vitality. Water purified by WaNivers water processor is this kind of good active water of small molecule clusters.

Dissolving poisons and detoxification, WaNivers keeps you far away from the harm of toxics

The light particles in WaNivers can dissolve the toxics in water. When the toxic chemical substances in water flow through WaNivers, they are instantly broken apart. Therefore, they cannot stay inside human body and will be excreted out of body through metabolism.
Besides, as active water of small molecular clusters, WaNivers water can pass through the 2nm cell channel to enter the inside of cells. Therefore, it can deeply purify human body, improve metabolism as well as excrete toxics out of body, etc.
After 74-year old Mr. Ke drank water from WaNiverse for 2 days, in a physical examination in hospital, his urine was found to contain DDT pesticide that was forbidden to use 40 years ago. It’s because the small molecules of water helped the DDT stored in the cells to be metabolized out of the body.
For vegetables and fruits irrigated by WaNivers water, after repeated tests, it’s concluded that zero heavy metal and zero poison is detected.

WaNivers can optimize as well as fertilize soil.
The producing philosophy and field tests of WaNivers have proved that WaNivers can:
1. Splitting pesticides, nitrous acid, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia in the soil.
2. Splitting heavy metals in the soil. (Approximately 50% of the total amount of heavy metals are split in 60 days).
3. Decompose the bacteria chain in water, air and soil to make the soil granulate.
4. Repair acid soil back to near neutral healthy soil.

Magic WaNivers — Benefit all things on Earth

WaNiverse can be used in many areas including home life, crop cultivation, aquaculture, animal husbandry, optimizing soil, purifying the environment, etc.
1. Home plants and flowers – Due to the miniaturization of water molecules, the plants that are watered and sprayed grow more vigorously, and the flowers are more vivid, bright and lasting.
2. Pet feeding – Due to the miniaturization of water molecules, after 10 days of drinking by pet, its body and excrement odors are significantly reduced, the digestive system is good, the coat color is brighter, and the body is healthier and more active.
3. Aquarium feeding – Due to the high dissolved oxygen content of small water molecules, anaerobic unicellular algae in water are difficult to survive, whereas aerobic multiple cell algae (water grass, needles, leaflets, broadleaf, flowers, etc.) grow stronger and brighter, the water quality becomes better. Aquatic organisms (fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, etc.) become healthier and stronger.
4. Deodorization – Washing water, reducing the smell of drains and toilets.
5. Water storage – Will not deteriorate after sealed by cap for more than one year .
WaNiverse is an extremely high cost-effective water purifier that requires only one purchase without any additional cost during 10-year period.
Water and soil are the most necessities for us to survive. When water and soil are so deteriorated that they cannot be used by human beings, the entire human race will face a crisis of survival and a crisis of life.

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