Restore the original ecology of water

Enable you to drink glacier water sealed for a long time at home.
Pure active water of original ecology

Magic WaNivers - Benefit all things on earth

WaNivers (Water Universe) water processor can restore the original ecology of water, rejuvenate the bad water to a good quality, purify the water, reduce air pollution, optimize and granulate soil, hence benefit all things on earth.

WaNivers enables nuclei and DNA to drink active water of small molecule clusters

Highly dissolved oxygen/weak alkaline/active large/small molecule clustering/high permeability/high solubility

The water we drink daily is dead water of macromolecules and cannot run through cell water channel of 2nm. When a baby is born, water in its body cells is 100% good active water. Therefore, the baby’s skin is tender and full of vigor. As one grows older, human body begins to lose good active water in its cells and DNA. While at the age of 58 structured good water is only 23%.
According to Sakmann’s study, only small molecules of water can run through the 2 nm water channel in human cells and DNA, and enter the nucleus, activate enzyme, and stimulate vitality. Water purified by WaNivers water processor is this kind of good active water of small molecule clusters.

Four Reasons to Choose WaNivers

Instantly split toxicants
Purify body from deep inside and excrete the toxicants out of body

When toxicants in water flow through WaNivers, they’ll be split instantly. Therefore, they cannot stay inside human body and will be excreted out of body through metabolism.
Water processed by WaNivers can enter nuclei through cell channels, thus purify body from deep inside and excrete the toxicants out of body.
  • After Mr. Ke, who is 74 years old, had drunk WaNivers water for 2 days, in a physical exam in hospital, his urine was found to include DDT pesticide, which was forbidden 40 years ago. WaNivers active water of small molecule clusters metabolized DDT stored in the cells out of body.
  • After Mr. Zhang, who is 45 years old, had drunk WaNivers water for 2 days, he got rashes all over his body. They disappeared after 3 to 4 days automatically, which is a phenomenon of detoxification. After drinking for 3 months, his facial complexion became ruddy.
  • Mr. Xie, 46 years old, drinks 2,000cc of WaNivers water every day. After doing this for one month, a friend told him that his facial complexion, which looked dark black before, now looks ruddy and very healthy.

Makes good water steadier and long-acting

After drinking WaNivers water, even if it’s metabolized out of body, the active status of small molecules can remain. You don’t need to worry that the water will change back to its original bad status shortly after leaving WaNivers water processor.

  1. According to the theory of quantum physics Plank, when the vibration frequency of water molecule is around  , the water molecule will not return to the original condition.
  2. The light particles inside WaNiversc send out microwave with a frequency of . Water passing WaNivers can not only instantly split into good water of small molecules, but also can obtain vibration frequency of .
  3. This means that water processed by WaNivers can be steady and long-acting.
  4. The current test has proved that WaNivers water will not return to its original status after 747 days.

WaNivers water - enables big molecule dead water in the surrounding environment to change into to good water

WaNivers water can not only maintain its own good water condition, but also assimilate the water nearby into active water of small molecules. Therefore, the water of the big environment can also change into good water.

According to the theory of physicist Plank, WaNivers sends out microwaves with a frequency of about  , which is almost the same with the growth wave needed by everything on Earth. Furthermore, the microwave of this frequency enables the molecules of the water passing nearby to assimilate to the same growth wave with a vibration frequency of  . The newest urine NMR examination shows that after drinking WaNivers water for 1.5 years, and after the urine was rested for 22 days, the urine was still small molecule water!

The safety of WaNivers is much higher than the safety standard value.

The data from the National Tsinghua University’s laboratory report on the WaNivers light particle radionuclide analysis (2016B0318) shows that the safety of WaNivers is much higher than the safety standard value.                                     

Story No. 1: The safety of WaNivers is much higher than the safety standard value.
We sent the WaNivers light particles to the Atomic Science and Technology Development Center of National Tsinghua University for radionuclide analysis. After a few days, we received a call from Center Director Zhao (PhD). He asked: “How do you make light particles? The data I tested were data that I had never seen. I tested all the products with energy that were sent to us. All of them were above the standard by more than 10 times. Only your products are lower than 1/10 of the standard value.

Story No. 2:WaNivers water processor is free of ionizing radiation.

Tested by National Taiwan Craft Research Institute, the effect of the far-infrared ray of the light particles in WaNivers water is 0.882, and the far-infrared emission rate is very high. The ionizing radiation value is only about 0.2 microsieverts. It is free of ionizing radiation. Even the WaNivers cup we brought there was tested, and the ionizing radiation was about 0.2 microsieverts per hour. Center Director Shen said that the WaNivers product is very safe and equal to no radiation. Then he took out a cup a customer gave him and tested it on the spot. The result was 0.98 microsieverts per hour. He said that cup was more radiant and you’d better not drink water with it. When we went there to get the report after two days, we found that Shen was drinking with WaNivers cup we sent him.

Story No. 3:

Taiwan Xizhi has a unit which specializes in testing water of small molecules. Both Taiwan academic institutes and scientific research centers send their small molecule water there to be tested. Once a person in that unit asked us: “Every time they brought their small molecule water to our company, they asked us to test it immediately. We told them that they need to wait one to two weeks. Then these people often gave up the test and left. You are the only company that does not require for an immediate test of the small molecule water. What is the reason?” We replied: “The sample we send here is small molecule water that will not return to the original status. You can wait as long as you need to test it.”

After more than ten days, it was tested to be small molecules water. They said: “The samples sent by your company are very rare. The small molecules water that are generally produced by various methods, such as magnetized water, energy water, etc., will return to original macromolecule water within 2-3 hours. Some of them even returned within 20 minutes. The water produced by your company was still small molecule water after more than 10 days. It is very special.”

Story No. 4:
A general manager of a Taiwan medical company, which also produces water, once questioned us: “All the so called small molecules water will return to macromolecules water after it’s boiled. Will your WaNivers water be like that?” Then they took two bottles of boiled samples (one bottle of small molecules water that passed through WaNivers water processor, and one bottle of small molecules water that only passed WaNivers), and sent them to the company in Xizhi for test. After more than ten days, the report confirmed that WaNivers small molecules water not only hasn’t returned to macromolecules water, but also became smaller molecules water.

Story No. 5:
A surgeon who has practiced in Guangzhou, mainland China for more than 30 years (Dr. Chen) found on the website that the water of Anima Exquisite Technology Ltd. claims to be non-restoring small molecules water. He personally came to Taiwan to confirm whether the said is true. He looked at some NMR test reports, and he himself tested small molecules water by drinking, spraying it on his face and rubbing it by hands, etc. Finally, he said that your company’s non-restoring small molecules water is genuine. “Because I have also researched on and produced small molecules water for more than 20 years, yet have not been able to produce small molecules water that will not restore. The longest non-restoring period is less than 5 days.

Dissolve the poisonous substances in soil, and make the soil become fertile -- Benefit every thing on earth

WaNiverse can be used in many areas including home life, crop cultivation, aquaculture, animal husbandry, optimizing soil, purifying the environment, etc.

Plants irrigated by WaNivers water are healthier and stronger

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